All About Peggy Davis and her Battle of Leukemia
Check out Curtis " The poet" Davis as he sings "Consider the Lillie's" for First Assembly Fiesta Night July 28th 2012 in St Joseph Mi..

Curtis had surprised us and came up and fixed the van and saved us lots of $$. For those of you that did not know when Peggy got sick he started writing poems. The First one he wrote I asked him who wrote it ...and of course he said I did ... Not believing him because he is quite the jokester I said well write one tomorrow ... So sure enough in the comments was another poem .. So asked him the same day and got the same answer so I said Write one tomorrow then ... Low and behold for the third day he wrote another but he wrote about things that had happen the day before!! Whoa I said ....That's my little brother I knew he could play the trumpet well, Sing Well, Work on Cars , But write poetry ...Are you kidding me!!! 4 years later I can not tell you how much he has blessed us with his daily poems (and I am sure he has blessed a few of you too) Let him know in the comments below

Thanks for following along on this journey ..We love you all very much!!!~marlon&peggy
Well here is my First Blog...this is a place to write the comments about the Video of "Jesus is a Shelter" What and Amazing women Peggy Davis is.. She has been fighting Cancer (leukemia) since 2008. And although it is hard for her to breath especially like walking up stairs and her lungs are giving out, Incredibly her voice I think is as strong as ever. Yes I do choke up singing this song this day it was a little emotional for me. This is a song I wrote call "Jesus is a Shelter" and it is good to know that he is by our side. He will give you peace in the storms of life.. Sometime he walks to the front of the boat and says "Peace be Still" and I believe other times he just says "peace be still to our souls" and we get a peace or calm that everything is going to be alright. Peggy has made the decision for No More Chemo ..This song was done just the day after she got  out of the Hospital in Chicago at Rush University. I had to help her up to the front but does this little Lady Deliver!!! Hope you like it and if you do Share it ...


    Marlon Davis 
    Outside Sales 

    Big C Lumber ,Eau Claire MI                            Married  to Peggy 36 Yrs 
    2 Daughters Jess & Marla 
    (Jess, Jimmer,Cooper & Reagan)(Marla & Rylee)                             FromSaint Joseph, Michigan Born on Dec 15th, 1957  


    August 2012
    July 2012




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